“The thing is, not a lot of visitors come to Palestine. It is not that easy for them to come. Foreigners feel like it is a war zone here in Palestine, so nobody feels the eagerness to go.”

This statement of one our friends in Palestine greatly stroke us. Sure, the Israeli occupation is evident wherever you travel in the West Bank. But, at no times I ever felt I was in danger. Quite the opposite. All major Palestinian cities (e.g. Bethlehem, Nablus, Jericho, Jenin, majority of Hebron) belong to the so-called Area A and are therefore under control of the Palestinian Authority, with the exception of Hebron, where 20% of the city is illegally occupied by Jewish settlers. As a result, I never witnessed any confrontation inside the Palestinian cities in the West Bank.

I have travelled to numerous countries around the world and I must say that, relative to some of these countries, I always felt really safe in the West Bank. That is particularly because of the warm, welcoming and caring mentality of the Palestinians. Their openess and kindness still impresses me to this date as a visitor.

While we encourage you to come on tours with our Palestinian friends in the different cities and hear their personal stories, we also want you to experience Palestine by yourself. This website is meant to support you in doing so in a safe way. Should you ever need any help at all, be sure to reach out to us. We are happy to help.

Lastly, living in Germany myself I fully understand that it can feel daunting when hearing about the situation in Palestine in the media. A lot of Israeli tour companies benefit from the “fear” of visitors and encourage you to go on a “safe” tour with you to very limited places in the West Bank. I urge you not to be tricked by their methods of scaring you to go to the West Bank yourselves. You will get a much more unbiased view on Palestine and its people, if you decide to explore Palestine by yourself… with a little help of us 😉 The photo on the left, which was taken outside a Palestinian city in the West Bank, hopefully gives you a sense of these methods.