My name is Amir. I was born and raised in Germany. My family emigrated from Palestine to Jordan and later to West Germany. Despite multiple trips to my relatives in Jordan, I was quite hesitant to visit Palestine due to the ongoing conflict. However, a couple of years ago, I finally decided to explore my distant home country. I was absolutely amazed by the beauty and history of the different parts of Palestine. The friendliness, openness and hospitality of every Palestinian I met during my trip still impresses me to this day and made me revisit Palestine many more times in the last years.

Following my last visit in 2018, I began to wonder why not more people have decided to see Palestine themselves. Maybe it is the Israeli occupation and the assumption it would be too dangerous? I can totally understand that it appears to be that way given the media coverage in the Western world, but having been there numerous times and having travelled to many other countries in the world, I can assure you that it is not less safe than other popular tourist destinations in Latin America or Southeast Asia. Another aspect that surprised me when planning my first visit was the lack of information about accommodation, places to visit, restaurants and general sightseeing tips. I was fortunate enough to meet many wonderful Palestinians during my trips, who showed us the hidden secrets as well as the known sights in Palestine and helped me get around, which sometimes turns out to be more complicated than expected. But, more importantly, they told me their own and unique stories about their lives in Palestine and let me experience the true Palestinians and their culture.

I decided to start Stories of Palestine in order to allow others around the world to experience Palestine and the Palestinian people the way I have done. The personal stories of my Palestinian friends inspired me to spread the word about how magnificent Palestine and its people are. There is so much to experience and enjoy that one cannot imagine without having been there. I welcome you to see and feel the beauty of this place with your own eyes and develop your own personal story in Palestine.